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Just because Ellen's is the best, doesn't mean that she is the most expensive. 

If you compare our prices for 8x10's and wallets to any other real studio, you will find that our prices are sometimes lower and usually comparable with other places in the area. 

Our prices start at just $350 for a package.  You can spend a few hundred dollars or go as high as whatever you want to spend.  Amount is based on how many products you want.

You will love how you look at Ellen's.  She has a unique talent for making people feel comfortable and look and pose their best. 

If you are concerned about your budget, just have less outfits photographed so you will not have so many choices that you love. Just in case, you want to buy them all, we have payment plans for you.  You pay for your session when you put it on Ellen's calendar.  You will pay a deposit towards your order when you have your photos taken, and then you will pay half of balance when you place your order and then the remaining half when you pick up the finished order.  If you need it split up into 5-6 payments, we will work with you, just ask.

Remember, don't procastinate too long!  Ellen can only photograph about 50 seniors a year to be able to give you the service that you deserve.